The Tank

What happens after the Flush?

Good question. But most of us don’t want to know.afterflushing

After the flush, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

On Orcas Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands, off the north coast of Washington State, we began to look past the flush. In fact, we dove headlong into the nitty-gritty.

Why would we do this? Another good question.

The great story about WHY AND HOW involves many kinds of tools, everyday and otherwise, trucks, pumps, electronic equipment, chemicals, rubber gloves, high boots, fast running, a strong constitution and, of course, necessity. Learn about our roots.

xxit Happens!

So we cover it up or truck it away.compost-199x300

We were doing exactly that before we began to think about the sustainability of this practice. By cobbling together available technologies, our little company is now turning raw septage (the contents of our septic systems), into grade A compost we can use for landscaping, ornamental plants, trees, lawns, and similar applications, and pure water suitable for irrigation. How do we do this?  Check out our Process.

Lo and Behold the Real Problem!

As we immersed ourselves into understanding the challenges septage creates for all of us and the environment, many questions emerged: Where does our septage actually go after we flush? What happens to waste when it is buried in the ground? How does effluent affect the bays and oceans where it is dumped? What is its impact on our water sources and the air we breathe? As we asked then answered these questions, the more problems we found. But it wasn’t human waste that concerned us: human waste contains valuable soil nutrients. The problem is the heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and toxic sanitation chemicals we flush down the pipe along with our waste. Drain Brains explains!

Can Your Community Use This Approach?

Your own community could benefit from what we have learned as well, and without any high priced sophisticated technology. 

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